vascript" src="static/js/analytics.js?v=1500596387.0" charset="utf-8"> 10th Annual Yard Sale 2004

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Holy Family's 10th Annual Yard Sale

Hurricane Ivan's heavy rains forced Holy Family to postpone the yard sale for one week.  Barbara Ellis and Barbara Lundberg saved the day when they pulled the soaking and floating sale items out of the flooded basement of the office.

On the following Saturday, the sun came out,  and hundreds of shoppers appeared.  Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers who donated, priced, set-up, sold, and cleaned up items, the yard sale was once again successful. 

Let's do this again next year!   

Volunteers help set up the merchandise.

Pete Cook prepares to open the day!
Pete says this will be his last year of organizing
the yard sale . . . at least until next year! 


One man's junk is another man's . . .

And, how much was that junk worth?