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The Reverend Mary Johnson's
First Day at Holy Family

October 17, 2004

"I am stepping into a wonderful community.
     I thank God for calling me.
     Thank you for inviting me."

"We will need to remember, with the Psalmist, that our help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.  God, who has brought us on separate spiritual journeys to this junction where we meet, is not asleep -- he's wide awake to our needs and he is keeping us safe."

Mary with Husband Wayne, son Paul,
and daughters Sylvia & Simone

The Reverend Mary Johnson with Bob Wheeler, Vestry Warden


Excerpt from Mother Mary's first sermon at Holy Family:

"Who am I, a newcomer, to preach to you about perseverance and preservation? For you are the ones whose perseverance has brought this amazing parish to where you are today.

·        You have persevered through the challenging early days when a small group had a vision of an Episcopal worshiping community for Pickens County. 

·        You persevered when you didn’t yet have a permanent home, when you worshiped in homes, even a funeral home!, in a Presbyterian church, in a double-wide. 

·        You persevered in bringing this beautiful, holy space into reality when you had some beautiful property, a scary debt, and a set of plans. 

·        You persevere now in keeping a focus on the needs you see in this community, and the gifts of time and talent that God has blessed you with. 

·        You persevere in preserving the beauty of this awesome site, making places for meditation, prayer, and refreshment, and offering them to the whole community.

You all know something about perseverance and preservation.  I am stepping into a wonderful community.  I thank God for calling me. Thank you for inviting me."

 For the complete text of Mary Johnson'../../Sermons/2004oct17.htm">click here.


Festive Coffee for Mary Johnson

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Thanks to Tom Lewis and Al Faircloth
for the photographs!

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