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Daughters of the King
Installation Service
September 19, 2004

Five new daughters (Daughters in Preparation) were installed into Holy Family's chapter of Daughters of the King.  Above, DOK President Joyce Faircloth is pictured with four new daughters: Kris McClellan, Linda Bitzer, Joyce Faircloth, Sheila Brooker, and Jeanette Buffalo.  (Not Present Martha Kerley)

Martha Kerley will be installed on October 31st at the annual DOK luncheon at which time the DOK hopes to install Mary Johnson as Chaplain.

During the Installation service, new officers were also installed:

Joyce Faircloth, President
Margaret Smith, Vice President
Carolyn Wheeler, Secretary and UTO Chairman
Patricia Tyson, Treasurer
Billie Robinette, Card Chairperson
Theresa Kazmier, Historian