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(October 31, 2004)

Because of their dedication, talents, compassion, devotion, enthusiasm, and hard work, Nancy and Joe have had a profound effect on Holy Family for many years.   We are happy that they now have the chance to move closer to their children and grandchildren, but we are also sad to have to say good-bye. 

True to their generous nature, on their final Sunday at Holy Family, Nancy and Joe held a special coffee for the congregation.  During the coffee, members  walked around the Parish Hall to view hundreds of photographs which Nancy had taken through the years of Holy Family events, to peruse old copies of Family Notes, the newsletter which Nancy instigated and edited for years, and to flip through old scrapbooks.  Indeed, on their final day at Holy Family, Joe and Nancy treated us to a trip down Holy Family Memory Lane.

Holy Family is a better place today because Nancy and Joe stepped into all of our lives. 

Nancy and Joe, we wish you happiness in the future.  We will miss you!