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Strengthen your servant ______, O God, to do what he has to do and bear what he has to bear; that, accepting your healing gifts through the skill of surgeons and nurses, he may be restored to usefulness in your world with a thankful heart; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (BCP 459)

Chiquita Berry

 (Added Jan. 17, 2005)

Susan and her daughter Ana
Information submitted by Betty Pickett:  Susan had breast cancer about 10 years ago.  She had a double mastectomy and she was declared cancer-free.  A few years later, she adopted Ana in Russia and they have lived as a family of two ever since.  Susan and I worked together at my last employer, Spherion, for many years – but Susan, like me, was downsized a few months ago.  Just as she was leaving Spherion, she was offered her “dream job” in Kentucky and two months ago, she and Ana moved from Chicago to Kentucky to start their new lives.  Last week, Susan learned that she now has stomach and liver cancer and the prognosis is bleak.  She has asked all of her friends for their prayers and I would like to add Susan and Ana to the Holy Family prayer list.

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