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Holy Family Labyrinth
Completed Fall 2005

  1. The labyrinth is installed in the grassy area which borders the Parish Hall and Parking Lot.   Because this area is designated for future building expansion, the labyrinth is constructed of grass and brick pavers which can be moved to another location when the new building is erected.
  2. Sod forms the paths of the labyrinth, and paths are marked with brown pavers.  The entrance to the labyrinth is also marked with brick pavers.  (See dark area on drawing.)
  3. The paths are  4' wide and wheelchair accessible.
  4. To trace how walkers move through the labyrinth, start at number 1 on the drawing and follow the path until you reach the center of the labyrinth.   To exit the labyrinth, walkers may either retrace their steps and return to the entrance or take the direct outlet (illustrated by arrows below).
  5. To reduce maintenance of the labyrinth, the pavers are embedded in the soil in order to allow the labyrinth to be cut with the lawn tractor.
  6. Because the labyrinth is located in an area which is already under lights, it is possible for walkers to use the labyrinth at night.
  7. The labyrinth was funded by donations made in memory of Kathryn Floyd, a long-time Holy Family parishioner whose love, dedication, strength, perseverance, and spirituality best exemplified the spirit of Holy Family.
  8. The labyrinth was designed by George Porter Associates.   We greatly appreciate all of the time that George has donated for our Labyrinth project!
  9. Labyrinth Committee:  Ed Merritt, Laura Sorrells, George Porter, Diane Wells, Carolyn Wheeler, or Edie Parrott.
Architectural Drawing of Proposed Labyrinth

Green area on the left is the Parish Hall; 
Red area at the top is the sidewalk; 
"P" denotes the Parking Lot and Circle
White area within the circle will be sod.
Dark areas within the circle will be brick pavers.
Darker area outside the circle will be a brick paver entrance.
Existing grass will cover all other areas outside the circle.

"You show me the path of life.  In Your presence there is fullness of joy...."
Psalms 16:11

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