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Episcopal Church of the Holy Family

Family Notes

October - November 2004
Barbara Lundberg & Ann Burch
Marty Reynolds

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From Your Senior Warden

We are about to enter the transition zone.  For the next two weeks we will have supply priests with us as we await the arrival of our new rector.  The transition not only refers to the pastoral leadership of Holy Family, but also applies to the various committees and ministries of Holy Family.  As we conclude our annual Stewardship Campaign, we are conducting a parish wide time and talent survey.  We encourage each of you to consider the various opportunities in which to participate and to find a comfortable place to dedicate a small portion of your time and talent.  All of our ministries are open and have a regular scheduled time to meet.  If you have not been contacted personally but wish to participate, contact Vickie (our parish secretary) and find out when and where that ministry meets.  Then, all you have to do is show up!

On Tuesday, October 12, Mary Johnson will Join us as our new rector.  Her first Sunday celebration will be October 17.  Following the 10:30 service, there will be a festive coffee.  Plan to be there and join us in welcoming Mary and her family to Holy Family.  Mary brings a wealth of experience and is excited about the programs that Holy Family has fostered.  We will continue to minister to the Jasper/Pickens County community and invite the newly committed members of our parish to inquire about the opportunities to become involved in the Community Food Pantry or The Good Samaritan Wellness Center.

This is an exciting time in the growth of Holy Family.  The next few months will bring some changes.  We are growing, and we need your help.  Your continued support is critical to the mission of our parish.  Sign up for a new ministry and contribute YOUR time and talent.  We appreciate each and every one of you.  Thank you for all that you do to make Holy Family the special place that it is.  May God bless us all.

Bob Wheeler
Senior Warden

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Mandolin Concert Opens Concert Series

 The 2004-2005 Community Concert Series at Holy Family will begin with a performance by the Atlanta Mandolin Orchestra at 4:00 PM, Sunday, October 17, in the church.  The concert is free and open to the public; contributions will be accepted to a love offering for the program.  After the concert a reception will be held in the Parish Hall honoring the musicians. 

 The Atlanta Mandolin Orchestra (AMO) was founded in 1994 and is the performing unit of the Atlanta Mandolin Society featuring mandolins, mandolas, mandocellos, guitars, bass and woodwind instruments.  The repertoire of AMO features Americana, turn of the century rags and marches, classical, jazz, ethnic and original compositions.                           

 The AMO has been very fortunate to have Robb Smith as their conductor. Mr. Smith has been a lifelong musician and is a graduate of the Geneva Conservatory of Music and performs regularly with the Atlanta Ballet Orchestra and other symphonic orchestras and ensembles in the southeast. 

 Following last year’s inaugural concerts, the Holy Family Community Concert committee is planning a variety of musical events through the fall of 2005.

                                                                                                                                                Barbara Ellis 

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United Thank Offering

 Our fall Ingathering for UTO is October 31.  Blue Boxes are available in the Parish Hall and in the Narthex.  You can become a part of UTO by offering thanks and prayers while dropping coins into the Blue Box.  Every penny you give is given away in grants since the general budget of the Episcopal Church supports the UTO office.  If you would like more information about UTO, please contact Carolyn Wheeler.

Carolyn Wheeler

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Emergency Assistance Ministry of the Community Food Pantry

 For the past several years the Emergency Assistance counselors have noted the increase in requests for financial assistance in late summer brought on, in part, by the considerable costs of children going back to school.

 Our counselors put their heads together and decided to try to help our clients at the food pantry with their back-to-school needs.  We decided we would limit eligibility to families who have come to the food pantry in the last two years.  In addition, this first year we decided to limit participation to single parent families and grandparents raising school age children.

 Sixteen families with 32 children, ages 4 – 18, signed up.  Thanks to some very generous donations from Big Canoe Chapel and some local anonymous donors, as well as some of our own funds, we were able to give each child $100 worth of clothing from Goody’s, $20 worth of school supplies from Jasper Drug, free haircuts from the Cosmetology Dept. at Appalachian Tech and a backpack.

 The program was so successful that we plan to do it again next summer and hopefully help even more families.

 God continues to bless this ministry.  New counselors are always needed and welcome.  No special qualifications are required.  We will provide all necessary training and support.  For more information on this special ministry call Brenda Farr 770-893-3228.

                                                                                                             Brenda Farr

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Financial Update

As of the end of June my article in Family Notes indicated we would break even in 2004 if we had an increase in unpledged income ( income from newcomers and others who did not make a formal pledge). As of August 31 we have not seen such an increase. Therefore, I now predict we will have a $10,000 deficit this year because of this shortfall in income plus non-recurring costs mainly related to the change in rectors.

 Our pledges to the operating fund represent between 85-90% of the income necessary to cover the costs of clergy, staff, ministries, operations, administration, outreach and debt service. The results of the operating fund campaign now underway will determine financially what we can accomplish in 2005.


Ed Dewey

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Food Pantry Update

 The Community Food Pantry has been busy this spring and summer.  It is now “usual” for us to serve over 100 families on Friday mornings—not a number we enjoy since we would prefer to see each family able to buy the food they need, but as long as there is even one facing the possibility of hunger, or eviction, we’ll be here to help.

Recently, we received our Certificate of Incorporation from the State of Georgia, so the Pantry is now part of Community Assistance Resources and Emergency Services for Pickens County, Inc. or “CARES”, a new name to reflect the support we receive from schools, businesses, civic clubs as well as churches throughout the county.  Holy Family is the origin of this ministry and our “parent figure.”

 The Pantry is now leasing our space, courtesy of the Vestry, and will continue operating right here for the time being.  When terrible Ivan came through, our power was interrupted which meant no lights, no phone, and no water.  However, at 8:00 Friday morning there were cars waiting in the parking lot, so with flashlights and Pete and Kay’s kerosene lamps, we managed to see our way around the shelves and fed 35 families before we had to close down at 10:00.  That’s one example of the Pantry’s appeal.  Each Friday is different, never a dull moment!  Come be a volunteer—we need you!  Call 770-893-3088, choose option #2, and leave a message with your name and phone number.

                                                                                                                                                Sue Parnell

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Library News

 Much work has gone on behind the scenes this spring and summer in preparation for our new church library soon to be housed in the Parish Hall. The library is a branch of the Education Ministry and has had their financial support in purchasing our library software, library supplies, yearly tech support membership and registration fees for attendance at an important district library workshop. Our library committee presently is made up of seven volunteer members:  Mary Douglass, Barbara Lundberg, Sara Merritt, Kim Hobbs, Ric Sanchez, Bill  Patillo, and Kitty Jones, Chairperson. We would welcome anyone who might have an interest in  working with our library and strongly stress that previous library experience is not necessary.

At the July Vestry meeting construction of the shelving and charge desk was passed. Special thanks are extended to Don Wells for his planning with the carpenter.  Latest news indicates construction could be completed as early as mid-October.

At latest count 400+ books have been cataloged and processed for circulation when we officially open. Many of our donated starter books have much age and wear but are some of our "best" books because many of these are no longer in print and used copies are difficult to locate. Examples of the books and materials to which I'm referring are Bible commentaries, theology books, denominational history materials (i.e. History of the Cathedral of St. Philip), denominational periodicals, Bible studies, etc.  

Many of you have mentioned you are just waiting for word when you can donate your books. Now is the time! We strongly encourage anyone to make donations to our library but we require that the following guidelines be followed: (1) good physical condition (esp. no illegible print, underlined text, notes in the margins, yellowed pages); (2) up-to-date information (copyright no later than ten years) unless the material fits the description of a reference book; (3) hardback or paperback adult, youth and children's books, sets of encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, videos, cassettes, pictures, pamphlets, religious magazines and other religious materials suitable for a vertical file resource; (4) books delivered in a bag or box to the Conference Center (small room at the end of the hall labeled Library Workroom) and placed at the door. Donation slips will be found on the door for you to fill out and attach. If you are in doubt about an item, please read the criteria below or ask someone on our committee.

The library committee has adopted the following selection policy for all purchased and donated materials.   All materials will be screened to meet the highest standards of quality in content, expression and format.

Criteria for Selection

Since this church is committed to the belief that Christianity is relevant to every part of the whole fabric of our lives, library materials of required quality are selected to include many areas. These include the areas of social education and action, leadership development, depth psychology, child development, and family relationships. Christian interpretation of sex, recreation, vocations, art, drama, poetry and biography, as well as the well-defined areas of Christian doctrine, Bible study, prayer and worship, Christian education, Christian missions, church history, church music, basic beliefs and practices of other branches of the Christian faith and other religions of the world are also included.

A significant number of novels of serious purpose all within a Christian context, well written and based on authentic human experiences, are included. In the case of controversial areas a variety of opinion, with as much authoritative background as possible, is sought whenever available.

Books for children and youth are selected to aid in their Christian growth and development, for personal adjustments, for developing desirable social attitudes and for wholesome leisure time reading. Quality in content, expression and format are all of vital importance in selection of children's books.

Selection of pamphlets and periodicals follows the general policies for the selection of books. They are an integral part of the collection.

Gifts to the library collection are accepted without commitment and are to meet the same standards for book selection as those purchased. If they are not used for the library, they will be placed into a "give-away box" or saved for our annual yard sale unless the donor indicates he or she would like the book to be returned.

                                                                                                                                                                Kitty Jones

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News from the Communication Ministry

Have you seen our new website?  Wow!!!  The website tells visitors and members alike, with both words and pictures, the story of Holy Family.  Plus, it is a valuable resource for parishioners to keep up to date with activities and events.  This site is one you will definitely want  to bookmark / add to your favorites.

Edie Parrott, grass cutter extraordinaire and a giver of many talents and much time to the church, is the website developer and system administrator.  Having designed the format and gathered the information for the initial pages, Edie is now coordinating with the staff and ministry chairpersons to maintain the site.

Sharing Holy Family's story - both externally and internally - is one of the challenges the new Communications Ministry will have.  While the Communications Ministry statement has yet to be developed, responsibilities commonly associated with such a ministry are coordinating with all ministries to develop and submit information to publications, radio stations, and other media; assisting with bulletin board information and announcements; supporting Family Notes and the new website; and maintaining property signage.

To join in sharing our story, contact Vestry Liaison Barbara Ellis.

Barbara Ellis



Ivan the Terrible may have caused the postponement of the Yard Sale, but the storm didn't stop our Barbequers!  The modern cooking rig produced some old fashioned good eating.

Despite the fact that the barbecue had to be canceled because of the storms and floods, Holy Family volunteers still sold 120 bags of barbecue at $5 each and 43 quarts of brunswick stew for $5 each.  Want more meat and stew?  Everyone does!  Forget it; the barbecue and stew sold out the first day!


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