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August - September 2004
Barbara Lundberg & Ann Burch
Marty Reynolds

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From Your Senior Warden
Pastoral Care Ministry Support Group
From You Nominating Committee
Mid-Year 2004 Financial Report


Annual BBQ and Yard Sale Fund Raiser
News from the Adult Christian Education Ministry

Outreach Ministry
Cross Task Force

Postings in the Parish Hall and Corridor
Hospitality Ministry
Sharing God’s Abundance!



From Your Senior Warden

Growth is change.  Change is painful.  Therefore growth is painful.  Having said that, we need to remember that the opposite of growth is deterioration and eventual death.  Holy Family is a live and growing parish, and with this growth comes a lot of change.  Some of it will be exciting and some of it will be painful, but it is the only viable alternative. Soon Frank and Bill will be leaving us and a new rector will be arriving.  The Nominating Committee has asked the Vestry for a July 30th meeting to present the list of final candidates.  From this list, with the Bishop’s blessing, a new rector will be called to be our spiritual leader.  We will miss the old and familiar, but will welcome the new, and the changes that it brings.

In the meantime, we are experiencing a burst of energy seldom seen during interims.   The month of July church attendance has been matching our highest months (other than special holidays).  New committees have been formed and new projects are being studied.  The Vestry has created a committee to look at creating a senior living facility on our campus and another group is looking at expanding our meager warming kitchen.  We continue to be in dialogue with the city of Jasper and should have city water within a few months.  Stewardship Sunday and the Annual Yard Sale and Bar-B-Q are in the planning stages and a Blessing of the Animals in scheduled for early October. Upon arrival, our new rector will find a vibrant and growing parish.  Let us greet him or her with open arms for we are truly blessed. This is a wonderful place to share God’s love.

Bob Wheeler

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Pastoral Care Ministry Support Group

 At the July 11 formative meeting of the PCM Support Group, the 18 people present expressed our intention to minister to one another, with Bill Harkins providing guidance and insight.  Our ability to respond to our individual concerns will, hopefully, enable us to love and care for others.  The sharing of our personal concerns will be held in confidence within the group.  Several issues both past and present were expressed.  Among them were frustration, fear, anger, guilt, and loss.  As we progress, themes will be explored in depth; i.e., transitions affecting us and those close to us — aging/dying parents, divorcing children, grandchildren issues, empty nesting, our own mortal concerns.  You name it; we will discuss it with care in confidence, helping each other with God’s help.

The PCM Support is open to all parishioners as well as functioning as a resource to the Pastoral Care Ministry members.  Anyone is welcome to join us in this support group without being obliged to join the Ministry.  We will meet again on Sunday, August 8, from 9:00 to 9:50 a.m. on the Pavilion.  Coffee will be served.  A decision will be made at this meeting as to a permanent meeting time and location. 

Barbara Ellis and Elaine Hallum
Pastoral Care Ministry

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From You Nominating Committee

Your Nominating Committee has asked for your prayers as we have worked through the intricate and delicate task of clearly distinguishing our candidates for rector.  On July 26th, we entered into the final selection procedure by first going to our Lord’s table for Eucharist.  Leaning on the guidance of Jesus Christ, we chose 3 candidates for the Vestry’s discernment.  On July 30, we presented these final candidates’ written work, sermons, interview results, and visitation analyses to the Vestry. Their task now is to evaluate these priests and choose the one whose strengths and experience best match Holy Family’s needs.


The Nominating Committee heard you--the congregation--express these needs through your answers to the survey and through your discussions at the Town Meeting.  These responses made up the description of “Our Rector” on the last page of the Profile. We have continually held a checklist of these needs before us as we have worked through many candidates’ materials, interviews, references, and visitations. At last, sustained by your prayerful support and strengthened by our own fervent pleas for God’s will, we have presented to the Vestry the final candidates.


Please continue to pray for God’s leading and blessing as we move into the Vestry stage of calling a rector for Holy Family.


Linda Vickery
Nominating Committee

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Mid-Year 2004 Financial Report

Due to the generosity of past and present parishioners Holy Family’s finances are in good shape. As of June 30, 2004 the Operating Fund, used to pay current expenses such as the Priest and staff compensation, interest and principal on the mortgage, outreach and Ministry costs, had a cash balance of $97,200. At the same time the Building Fund, used for capital expenditures, had a balance of $48,600(after deducting the $17,500 spent for paving in July) and the Furnishings Fund, used for internal furniture and furnishings, had a balance of $46,700.

At mid-year our operating fund income is $2,000 above budget due to prepaid and other pledged income, partially offset by a large shortfall in unpledged income (income from newcomers and others who have not made a formal pledge). For the entire year I would expect total income to be close to the budget, if unpledged income increases in the last half of the year. Expenses at mid-year are running under the budget by about $12,000. By year-end I would expect expenses to be close to budget due to non-recurring costs for the outgoing clergy and the search for the new Rector.

However, there are other potential expenditures that would significantly reduce our cash balances. Caution must be employed in committing our cash balances since it will be difficult to replace them especially due to the usual uncertainties for 2005. I have identified the major current items as listed below:


Dry rot repairs to the Food Pantry, Office and Conference buildings
Organ repairs and renovation
Painting of the church exterior
Loan curtailment


Tie in to city water
Rector’s office renovations
Kitchen modifications
New lawnmower
Children’s play ground and picnic area
New storage area
Memorial garden wall


Cross in the Nave
Priest chairs

If all of these expenditures were made our cash resources would be drawn down to a point where we should be on a” pay as you go” basis in the future. Clearly we must be diligent with our commitments and retain appropriate cash reserves. We also must have a successful fund drive in the fall and in subsequent years, not only to maintain our programs and outreach, but also to fund new initiatives in these areas. All of this is dependent on the support of our parishioners. With God’s help we will continue to expand God’s kingdom on earth and in particular here at Holy Family.

Ed Dewey
Parish Administrator and Finance Ministry Member

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Joining a Foyer group is one of the best ways for new and old members to meet new Holy Family friends.   Members are randomly assigned to a group and meet once a month in each other's  homes.  There is no program or agenda, just a light, simple meal. The host or hostess structures the gathering of about two hours. Some may choose to meet for brunch after church while others get together in the evening.  Members of  foyers range in ages and may be single or married, divorced or widowed.  August is sign up month for FALL FOYERS (they will run from September to December). If you have not participated in a foyer before, please consider signing up for this round of foyers – don’t miss out on the fun!!!! Sign up in the Parish Hall or call Carolyn Wheeler. (706-579-1238)


Annual BBQ and Yard Sale Fund Raiser

The date of the Annual Yard Sale and BBQ is SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20.  Proceeds from the sale of donated items are used to help fund Holy Family’s outreach ministries.

This year the Brotherhood of Saint Andrew is sponsoring the sale and will assist in setting up in the meadow and helping customers.

Now is the time to clean out your basements, attics and closets!  Please bring your donated items to the office building carport.  We are accepting household articles, furniture, appliances, tools, toys, etc. in clean, good condition.  (Please, no clothing, paint, used carpeting, or non-working items.)  Oversized items can be picked up by calling Pete Cook at 770-893-3456 to make arrangements.  Contribution statements will be available for your tax credit.

Volunteer sign-up sheets will be posted in the Parish Hall.

Pete Cook
Grounds Ministry

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News from the Adult Christian Education Ministry

Through the first Sunday in August, Father Frank Wilson will be continuing his very interesting study of the foundations of the Christian faith as expressed through the history, worship, and practice within the Episcopalian communion. Although this class would be perfect for newcomers or those interested in church membership, long-time Episcopalians will learn things they have forgotten or never knew. Don’t miss this opportunity.

On August 8th, we have a special guest. Mr. Neal Davies, president of his own banking and business consulting firm, elder on the Session of the Decatur Presbyterian Church, and personal friend of Bill and Suzy Patillo, will be our speaker. Mr. Davies has been on several missions to Honduras with Honduras Outreach and has slides and experiences to share with us about the church’s work there. 

August 14 is the day the Episcopal Church has set aside to honor the martyrdom of Jonathon Myrick Daniels, an Episcopal seminarian, who lost his life in the Civil Rights struggle. In timely fashion, you are invited this Sunday to view the powerful documentary film Here Am I, Send Me--narrated by acclaimed actor Sam Waterston and scripted largely in Daniel's own written words.

Beginning August 22 and continuing through September 5th, Dr. Donna Coffey, Associate Professor of English and English Program Coordinator at Reinhardt College, will teach a class on the Spirituality of Emily Dickinson as revealed in her poetry.

All of us know of Mother Teresa, but not all of us know her full story. Come and share the life of this great soul through the film Mother Teresa, Woman of Compassion. The film was made on location in Macedonia, France, England, and India and powerfully illustrates the profound difference one committed Christian can make.  This program will be presented  on September 12.

On September 19 and 26 Mimi Kiser, daughter of our own Miriam and John Kiser, will help us not only look broadly at health, wholeness, and Shalom but also share with us how the faith community can contribute to the health of the public and to conditions that support health. Working for the Interfaith Health Program at Emory, Mimi, says, “I love my job.“ 

During the month of October, Peggy Woodward will facilitate a study of Dr. Leslie Weatherhead’s three famous sermons entitled The Will of God. Dr. Weatherhead, pastor of City Temple in London from 1936 until 1960 and probably the second best known British writer of the mid-20th century (after his friend, C. S. Lewis), was recognized as an extraordinarily gifted preacher and authority on pastoral psychology. He originally preached these sermons after World War II, but they are strikingly pertinent to our times. Books for this series will be available the last week of September so that participants can read the first sermon in preparation for the first class.  

Phyllis Seitz
Christian Education Ministry

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Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry prayerfully considers requests for financial assistance from charities and also other needs that are made known to the committee.  All requests are considered and discussed and then a vote is taken.

Since January of this year, Holy Family, through these prayerfully considered grants, has contributed to many needs including the following:  The Cathedral Book Store; Todd and Patsy McGregor, our missionaries in Kenya; Good Samaritan; Habitat for Humanity; Episcopal Charities; The Extension; Emmaus House; Grandview Fire and Rescue; Joy House; Pickens County Family Connection; Appalachian Children’s Emergency Shelter, and Fr. Flavio Saccarola in Ecuador.

The Outreach Ministry needs more members to broaden the base of input on the requests that are brought before them.  It’s a great committee to join!  Consider the following:

You only have to go to one meeting a month; it only lasts about an hour and it’s a great group.  You participate in making positive decisions to benefit others!  There’s a bit of “playing Santa” in the heart of things.  Your input is needed.  Come join in!  Meetings are the second Monday of every month at 5:00 p.m. in the Conference Center.

                                                                    Jill Kingsley
Outreach Ministry Chair

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Cross Task Force

The Cross Task Force has been working for several months to find an artist to design an appropriate cross for inside the sanctuary of Holy Family.  They have reviewed several designs and talked to several artists.  They have also visited Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Decatur, Georgia, to view designs available there.

As the work continues, please keep this effort in your prayers.  The members of the Cross Task Force are:  Mary Ann Bracegirdle, Barbara Ellis, Bruce Jones, Tom Lewis, Ed Mulkey, Jennie Payne, Nancy Satterfield and Louise Wilbur.  Bill Durrett is the consultant and Fr. Wilson is an ad hoc member of the committee.

                                                                  Mary Ann Bracegirdle


Postings in the Parish Hall and Corridor

In order to preserve the attractiveness and integrity of the church buildings, especially the Parish Hall and the corridor, nothing should be attached to the bare walls or on the windowpanes.  Tacks and other adhesive devices mar the walls and windows and detract from the architect’s design.


Bulletin boards have been provided for postings and notices.  Additional boards or other devices, when needed, can be obtained from Don Wells.  Notices should and will be removed when they are no longer timely.  Your cooperation and assistance would be most appreciated.

Ed Dewey
The Administrative Ministry

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Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality Ministry had the honor of hosting a Kitchen/Entertaining Shower for Jay Whitmire Sunday afternoon, July 11.  She received many wonderful gifts.  Many thanks to Lydia Decker, Kitty Jones and Katie Hawkins for helping make this a successful event.  Upcoming events include Wonderful Wednesday, August 4 in the Parish Hall.

Please look on the kitchen counter for any containers which may belong to you. 

We work hard but do have fun!  Come join us.  Hospitality Ministry’s next meeting is at 5 pm, August 18, in the Conference Center.  We welcome new members.

Allen Anderson
Chair, Hospitality Ministry


Sharing God’s Abundance!

This is the time of year when we kick off our annual Stewardship campaign at Holy Family. Stewardship is literally the life’s blood of our church.  It is the loving action of our collective hearts brought to life in our acts of giving and sharing. Our theme for this coming year is Sharing God’s Abundance, wherein we are called to recognize and acknowledge the extraordinary wealth of love and life’s richness with which we are blessed in our church family. The community of Holy Family is truly unique in so many ways – our land and resources, our amazing church home, the extraordinary range of our ministries, and especially each other and the lives we share together.

Over the next two months, July & August, we will be contacting all of our Holy Family friends to officially announce our stewardship program this year.  Our pledge campaign for 2005 will kick off with a fantastic covered dish ‘dinner on the grounds’ on September 12 coupled with a mini-ministry fair in the parish hall.  This (along with being the best culinary opportunity in Pickens County) promises to be a marvelous resource for any and all wishing to get involved in any number of dynamic ministries that we undertake in our parish. Needless to say, the operating heartbeat of our ministries depends on the financial support of parishioner pledges throughout the year.  The ministry fair is designed to give an overview of the focus of each ministry, how it works, who is served, and, of course, the people involved. It is hoped that everyone desiring to get more ‘plugged in’ will find a good fit in what proves, on a daily basis, to be one of the most rewarding aspects of life at Holy Family.

The stewardship drive itself will run the week of September 12 – 19, with the results announced after the 10:30 service on September 19..

Lastly, in addition to sharing information about the good works facilitated through stewardship, during the month of August we will also be distributing our Time & Talent surveys. Particularly at this time when we are eagerly awaiting the selection of our new rector, the Time & Talent surveys provide a wealth of information for the ministry chairs, our new priest, and our newcomers! These are terrific tools for finding out where you can really fit into Holy Family’s wonderful, colorful fabric!

In Christ,
Tom Vickery, Chair
Stewardship Committee


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