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Episcopal Church of the Holy Family

Family Notes

October - November 2003
Barbara Lundberg & Ann Burch
Marty Reynolds

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Calling All Angels
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Fall is upon us!  And with the glorious fall season, our annual Holy Family Stewardship Campaign is swinging into full gear!  Each fall at Holy Family we engage in a program to draw our attention to God’s blessings in each of us.  This year, our annual pledge campaign will kick off on Sunday, October 5, and run for the following three weeks, culminating in a celebratory luncheon after the 10:30 service on October 26 to announce the results of the campaign.  Your financial commitment is the key to our ability to carry out our various ministries to define us as God’s people — performing our work throughout the community and the world — as well as to continue building holy Family into the dynamic, loving ’family’ that is so central to our lives.

Our theme this year is “God is the Source.”  We believe God is the source of all gifts spiritual and material.  Our faithful response in gratitude is to be givers and creators ourselves.  While we strive to be good stewards of all God’s gifts to us, we believe that the way we use our money reflects the state of our spiritual lives.

In Christ,
Your Stewardship Committee
Tom Vickery, Chairman
Bob Wheeler    Tom Lewis
Barbara Ellis     Bruce Jones
Andy Edwards

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Vergers’ Conference

 Conference XV of the Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church was held in Lexington, Kentucky, in September.  Louise and I joined 88 other vergers from the USA and Canada in four days of worship, sharing ideas, study and hospitality.  The recurring themes in sermons by the Bishop, Dean and other priests were servant leadership, the importance of a close personal relationship between verger and rector, the use of the verge to promote inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness, and the feeling that vergers who serve unselfishly do so because they have experienced a call to their vocation.   Daily Morning Prayer and/or Sung Evensong were at Christ Church Cathedral with high mass on Sunday.  At two of the services all vergers were vested, making colorful processions.

We were treated to dinner at the home of the Dean (a banquet) and had tours of a thoroughbred horse farm, Keeneland Racetrack and a bourbon distillery.  It was a wonderful experience, and we thank our Vestry for helping to make it possible.

                                    Jim Wilbur, Verger


Chrismons Workshop

Would you be  interested in a craft workshop to make "CHRISMONS"?  Chrismons are  monograms of Christ used to decorate a Christmas tree. Each Chrismon conveys a message of Christ by using Christian symbols. The gold and white ornaments contain a simple message and reminder that Christ is our Savior at Christmas and always.

There will be two workshops to introduce the construction of the Chrismons. You may select only one or both workshops depending on your schedules. Once you have attended one or both workshops you may complete the Chrismons at home. Almost everything will be provided but your time and talent. The construction requires basic cutting and gluing skills combined with your creativity  with materials. If you don't feel you can help with the construction of the ornaments but you WOULD like to make a contribution of gold and white materials such as ribbon, sequins, glitter, lace, old costume jewelry, etc. for the making of the ornaments, please see the contact names below.

In early December 2003 and every year thereafter we will decorate a Holy Family Christmas tree with these handmade Christian ornaments.  What a wonderful gift for the Babe!

Please see the sign-up sheet  on the wall just inside the parish hall to sign up for the workshops or contact  Kitty Jones or Queenie Campbell for more information.

Kitty Jones

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Proud of Holy Family!

Someone said last week that they were proud of Holy Family.  They were speaking of the way we have responded to the seating of V. Gene Robinson as the Bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire.  I too am proud.  As in most parishes there has been a variety of opinions and responses expressed.  Some have said that had they been a delegate they would have voted to seat.  Some said they would not.  All have agreed that we have and remain  concerned that the church not become systemically polarized over this issue.

At Holy Family, we have discussed this matter openly and vigorously.  We have aired our thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes our views have been strong, even visceral, on both sides.  But what we have been able to keep in mind is that in this debate there are no ‘good guys and bad guys,’ just people struggling to understand one another’s point of view.

This has been a trying time for the Episcopal Church.  There has been schism and talk of schism.  And on occasion, feelings have indeed run high.  The press has tended to fan the flames of discontent by reporting the negative, and on occasion even misrepresenting the facts seemingly in an effort to keep those flames hot.

But as times goes by, I am seeing not only the difficulty that this event has brought about in the life of our church, but also the good.

For one thing it has caused us to talk about issues of human sexuality in ways that we just have not done before.  Over the past ten to twelve years or so every national convention of the Episcopal Church has more or less pleaded with us to ‘continue the dialogue,’ to address the issue of human sexuality at the parish level, and to be talking about related matters.  Although there may be some exceptions, by and large, our response has been not to respond.  It seems that even though our TV shows, movies and magazines are replete with sexual images, as a people we are still uncomfortable talking about this subject.  In fact, maybe it is that because society is so full of sexual images, that we just don’t want to talk about it – maybe especially in church, which, after all, in some sense is our refuge.

But, at any rate, as a church we have not been particularity engaged in this conversation.  The election of Gene Robinson has, at least for the moment, changed all that.  So, maybe some of the good which has come of this is that it has led us into a conversation.  What we need to do now is to continue the conversation in an atmosphere of calm rather than crisis.

This event has also convinced me that not only has the church been woefully reluctant to talk about issues surrounding sexuality, but neither has it been very good when it comes to attending to the issue of Bible study.  At times we have been pretty good about doing Bible study in the traditional sense. But I am talking about Bible study in the sense of encountering the Bible as literature, as an historical document (or more correctly a collection of historical documents), and as writings which have an historical, cultural, and literary context.  In other words, the kind of Bible study that routinely takes place in our seminaries, but rarely in our churches.  Probably the best program in the Episcopal Church addressing these issues is called Education for Ministry (EFM) – a program of lay education addressing the Bible, church history and theology.  This event has convinced me that every parish should be making available this or a similar program.

Finally, I want to say that this event has reminded us that we are a family.  And like a family we find our identity not in a single issue, but rather in our love and caring for one another.  This parish has demonstrated over the past few weeks that our love for one another far surpasses any differences we might have over a given issue or vote.  This parish has demonstrated that we understand that much more important than who is or who is not the Bishop of New Hampshire (or Outer Mongolia or anywhere else other than the Diocese of Atlanta for that matter), is our love for one another.

I’ve noticed that even though the national church has had yet another convention, our lives have continued.  We have still been attending to life.  We have been ill, contended with personal setbacks, celebrated.  We are still graduating, marrying, searching, striving, achieving, crying, laughing, imagining, wondering, and traveling.  In other words, our individual lives have continued in much the same way even though the church has had a convention.  And Holy Family has continued much in the same way it had prior to convention.  We have done all those things and continue to experience all of those things that go with life.  But we have continued to do so in community.  Loving one another and caring for one another —that is the church.  And that is Holy Family.  And that is why I am more delighted  than ever to be an Episcopalian and a part of God’s Kingdom called Holy Family.

The Rev. Frank F. Wilson

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A Note from Lonnie Lacy

To My Holy Family -

I doubt that even the fiery tongues of angels could find words to express the deep gratitude and love I so wish to communicate to you.  You have been so much more than a church to me; you have been a family.

Thank you for loving me and for equipping me for what will surely be a difficult and rewarding journey.  I promise to “do you proud!”

As I pack up for the long road to ordination, I take you with me — in my heart and in my prayers.  Keep in touch and know that you have been the world to me.

Your Postulant,

 Lonnie Lacy


Brotherhood of St. Andrew

On November 30 the members of the Holy Family chapter of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew will celebrate their first anniversary.  Members will participate in the 10:30 a.m. service as LEM’s, readers and ushers as a sign of their discipline of service to the church.  The members will also do a corporate communion and display their new banner.

Jim Decker


A Message from the Senior Warden

The Stewardship Ministry has planned our annual pledge drive.  Soon you will be receiving a letter from Tom Vickery, Chairman of the Pledge Drive, giving you the details. Please watch for this important letter. The following parishioners are working with Tom: Bruce Jones, Tom Lewis, Barbara Ellis, Andy Edwards and Bob Wheeler, Vestry Liaison.

As it is important for each family to prepare a budget, it is equally important for your parish to prepare a budget. We are preparing our budget for 2004 and need to know what our income will be. Hopefully, as you consider your 2004 pledge you will remember the important work of all the ministries and contribute sufficiently to increase their work. We need to prepare for calling our new rector by welcoming her or him to a financially healthy parish.

The Vestry is proud to announce the following ministry leadership: Newcomer Welcoming and Integration, Co-chairpersons Phil and Allen Anderson and Steve and Peggy Simmons;  member Bill Seitz; Vestry Liaisons Ed Merritt and Al Faircloth; Hospitality Ministry—Co-chairpersons Lydia Decker and Allen Anderson. 

The Vestry has created a Planning Committee for the purpose of preparing short and long-term plans for the church building and campus and to thoroughly screen proposals affecting them. All proposals by parishioners and/or Ministries should be directed to this committee. After review and study the committee will forward the proposals to the administrative staff for review and recommendation and to the Vestry which has decision authority. The members of  this important committee are: Steve Simmons, Chairman, Jo Tyson, Jr. Warden, Ed Dewey, Parish Administrator, Don Wells, Chairman of Buildings and Bob Wheeler, Vestry Liaison. The committee meets at 1:30 pm the Monday preceding the Vestry Meeting.

The Vestry announced in August, a trial period of eliminating the Service Leaflets and use of the Book of Common Prayer with a service sheet included in the Sunday Touchstone. This trail period will continue through the season of Pentecost, which ends on November 29. Prior to that time the Vestry will review the question of use of the Service Leaflets.

Al Faircloth, Senior Warden

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Nominating Committee

Now we need further input from you! 

The questionnaires are in and the Nominating Committee is beginning the profile-development phase of its search for a new rector.  The questionnaire results will be shared with parishioners at a Parish Towne Meeting on Sunday, November 9 after the 10:30 service, during which a light lunch will be provided.  Based on the questionnaire results, other documents and input from this Parish Towne Meeting, the profile is intended to portray a realistic understanding of where the parish is - spiritually, fiscally and physically.  It will include our strengths and weaknesses, and our collective hopes and challenges for the future.  This profile will be shared not only with the Bishop, the vestry and the parish, but it will also be made available to potential candidates.

The Nominating Committee solicits members’ continuing prayers in support of its work.

Jeptha Greer


Barbecue and Yard Sale

The September 20 yard sale and BBQ was a HUGE success!!  The final accounting has not been completed as yet, but it appears we may have raised close to $5,000 for outreach projects supported by Holy Family. 

Many thanks to ALL the folks who gave of their time and talents the past several weeks to make this event happen! However,  special thanks to our fearless leaders, Pete Cook, Don and Barbara Ellis, and members of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew.



A Note from the Minister of Music

We are off to an exciting start this fall in the music ministry at Holy Family.  We have four new choir members and two new handbell ringers.  In spite of this, there is still room in the choir loft for you!

You won’t want to miss the inaugural concert of our concert series.  On November 2 at 4:00 p.m. in the church, the brass quintet from the Ground Forces Army Band will present a 45-minute program of varied musical selections.  This performance will be followed by a reception.  Please plan to attend, bring some friends, and extend a warm welcome to these wonderful musicians.

The date and time of the Christmas cantata has been changed to Saturday, December 6, at 5:00 p.m.  Please make this change on your calendars.  The choir for this event numbers approximately 40 singers representing three churches.  They will be accompanied by a guest orchestra of ten professional musicians.

The handbell choir will participate in worship very soon.  They are looking forward to sharing their music with you.

Remember, there is always room in the music ministry for you.  Come experience the fun and camaraderie of these groups.

Pat Peterson, Minister of Music

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Education Committee News

In response to requests from the congregation, the Sunday adult study classes in October will focus on issues related to aging, care of aged parents, dealing with grief and death, and medical ethics.  The Reverend Bob Morris, retired chaplain of Emory Hospital, and the Reverend Bill Harkins will be the presenters.

On November 2, Father Frank will offer a program on how to prepare for a funeral at Holy Family. Information on the Christian Education table in the parish hall will keep you informed of other upcoming events.

We invite you to encourage young visitors to follow Mrs. Joyce to Children’s Church on Sunday mornings for interesting presentations on their level.

Under the leadership of Shelly Olliff, J2A (Journey to Adulthood) program for 7th –12th graders meets in the old church every Sunday afternoon. This program encourages the growth of teens with an emphasis on balancing mental, social and spiritual aspects of life.

Diocesan guidelines require that two adults be present at all children and youth activities.

Shelly and Joyce need help. If God is calling you to be a part of these programs, please let them know.

Diane Wells



Hospitality Ministry

Be sure to set aside December 3 for a very special Wonderful Wednesday.  In addition to our usual covered dish supper, we will be decorating the Family Christmas tree.  The Education Ministry will be hosting this event and have arranged for a wonderful storyteller to enlighten and entertain us that evening.  Because of the activities we have planned, we will need to begin at 5:30 on this evening rather than the usual 6:00 time.  This will be one Wonderful Wednesday you will not want to miss!

Mark your calendars also for the annual Christmas parish dinner, which will be on Sunday, December 7, at 6 p.m. in the Parish Hall.  We are having a lovely and delicious catered dinner. Watch for the sign-up sheet which will be posted next month.  Be sure to read the weekly TouchStone in the weeks to come for more information.

Lydia Decker and Allen Anderson, Co-Chairpersons

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United Thank Offering

Our fall ingathering for UTO is December 7, 2003.  Blue boxes are available in the parish hall and in the narthex.  You can become a part of UTO by offering thanks and prayers while dropping coins into the blue box.  Every penny you donate is given away in grants since the general budget of the Episcopal Church supports the UTO office.  If you would like more information about UTO, please contact Carolyn Wheeler at 706-579-1238.

Carolyn Wheeler


From Your Editors

Oops — we goofed!!

There were several mistakes in the last issue that we would like to correct.

Thirty-two children (not 12) attended Vacation Bible School.  (What a difference!  It certainly sounded like more than 12 when we were in the room!)

Alyssa Brown was the lovely young lady in the cover picture, not Alyssa Kazmier (equally lovely and also in attendance).

Daughters of the King elected their officers in June, not July, and Carolyn Wheeler is the UTO Chairperson — which stands for United Thank Offering.

Thanks for pointing out the errors.  We hope we do better this month!


         Editors: Ann Burch & Barbara Lundberg
Publisher: Marty Reynolds


Calling All Angels

The Hospitality Ministry is open to all parishioners who wish to participate in the organization, preparation, and conduct of social occasions at Holy Family.   As a part of this ministry, we coordinate the Casserole Patrol, whose mission is to provide meals to parishioners during a crisis situation.  We need volunteers to help with both the social occasions and the Casserole Patrol and welcome your assistance.  If you feel a calling to help in either or both of these areas, please call Lydia Decker, 770-894-4758, to add your name to the list of “angels” who make these very important ministries run smoothly

Lydia Decker and Allen Anderson, Co-Chairpersons




Inaugural Program of the Community Concert Series at Holy Family


Free and open to the public, bring your friends!

Sunday, November 2 at 4:00 p.m.

The Brass Quintet of the Army Ground Forces Band

Music from the Renaissance to Pop of today

Concert in the Church



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