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Episcopal Church of the Holy Family

Family Notes

Summer, 2002
Joyce Faircloth
Kathy Frankforther

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2002-2003 Vestry Installed
Good Samaritan Health and Wellness Clinic
Distribution of the Benevolence Funds
Summary of Operating Funds
God's Great Gallery Vacation Bible School
Special Dates You Won't Want to Miss
Update on Facility Use Probe
Building Cost Summary
To All Our Friends at Holy Family
2002-2003 Vestry

2002-2003 Vestry Installed

May 26th marked the installation services of the 2002-2003 Vestry of Holy Family Episcopal Church. This year we welcome three new members, John Lundberg, Ruben Olliff, and David Kumnick and re-elected Al Faircloth for another term. Returning vestry members are: Mary Bracegirdle, Elaine Hallum, Bruce Jones, Bill Seitz, Jo Tyson, Bob Wheeler, and Peggy Woodward.

At the vestry meeting on May 28th, Al Faircloth was elected to serve as Senior Warden and Andy Edwards as Jr. Warden. Please be sure to extend your prayerful support and encouragement to each of these folks as they serve in these vital leadership roles.


Good Samaritan Health and Wellness Clinic

At the time I write this, May 9th, we’ve been open four weeks and have seen 225 patients.  We’ve only turned away 14 people who were ineligible, and quite a few are awaiting income verification at this time.

The Clinic is a “work in progress”, and our procedures will be receiving lots of fine-tuning for a while yet.  The response of these patients and the volunteer staff is exciting and gratifying.  Both groups have been patient and understanding of our beginning slowness.  The staff has reached out to our neighbors in need with warmth and caring and has received the same in return.  Several patients have volunteered to help maintain the Clinic.  We have a waiting list of about 150 patients to see the dentists and are training dental assistants at this time.  We welcome new volunteers all the time.  So come and work with us in this fulfillment of many prayers, contributions, and dreams come true in our community.  It is working.  God is good!

Dr. Al Hallum

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Distribution of the Benevolence Funds – 2001

Jared Olaka (African Ministry)                              650.00
Sunshine Camp                                                     500.00
Joy House                                                             500.00
Pickens County Elementary/Tutoring/
Mentoring Program                                               250.00
Episcopal Charities Foundation                             500.00
Emmaus House                                                     250.00
Good Samaritan Health & Wellness                   1,000.00
McGregors Ministry (Madagascar)                       500.00
Ithiel & Irish Jones Prison Ministry                        450.00
Pickens County Special Olympics                         250.00
Pickens County Animal Rescue                            150.00
Pickens Transitional Living Task Force                 250.00
Resource Manual                                                 278.25
Georgia Highland Center                                      250.00
The Extension (drug and alcohol rehabilitation)      250.00
Mikell Camp & Conference (inner-city camp)       250.00
Jasper Primary School
(Counselor’s Discretionary Fund)                          250.00
Timothy House                                                     200.00
Society for the Promulgation of the
Christian Gospel                                                   250.00
New Lebanon Presbyterian Jail Ministry                200.00
Christmas Families Outreach                                 750.00
St. Vincent DePaul                                                250.00
Holy Family Food Pantry                                         51.75

 Total                                                                $8,230.00

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AS OF April 30, 2002






2002 YTD


2002 YTD





















Expenses include operating and depreciation expenses.

Complete Statement of Income and Expenses is posted on bulletin board.

Thanks to Treasurer Mary Porter and Rebecca Thorp for doing a first class job with our finances!

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God’s Great Gallery – Vacation Bible School (July 22-26)

Thank you to those who responded to volunteer and donate craft items for our first Vacation Bible School. The Bible School for this first year will be for rising Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. We would especially encourage our teens to volunteer for any of the centers. We need your energy and enthusiasm!

For those kind enough to donate craft items, please place them in the properly marked bin in the Parish Hall. For those who wish to make donations, the “Craft Tree” will be on display for a few more weeks. These donations help us tremendously in our budget planning.

We will need many volunteers to carry out a successful Bible School. Volunteer sheets are also available in the Parish Hall. For those who have already volunteered in other areas, we will be contacting you soon. Thank you again for your willingness to serve in this dynamic ministry for the youth in our community.

Also, don’t forget to call the church office to register your children and/or grandchildren. This is sure to be a fun filled week designed especially for each child to discover they  are one of God’s Masterpieces!


Special dates you won’t want to miss. . .

Summer Saturday Evening Eucharist and Meditations at 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday, July 3rd, First Wednesday Folk Mass at Big Canoe, 6:30 p.m. followed by a pot luck dinner

Wednesday, August 7th, First Wednesday Folk Mass at Bent Tree, 6:30 p.m. followed by a pot luck dinner

Sunday, June 30th, from 3—5 p.m., Community Open House in the new facility followed by Evening  Worship at 5 p.m.

June 19, July 17, & August 21, Healing Service w/ Holy Eucharist at 6:30 p.m.

September 8th at 2 p.m., Dedication and Celebration of our new facility with Bishop Alexander

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Update on Facility Use Probe Group’s Activity

 A probe group was assigned by the Education Committee and the Holy Family staff to assess the needs about what (if any) early childhood education offering Holy Family might provide in our old worship space. My responsibility was to convene a group of knowledgeable parties to form this probe group from members of Holy Family and the community to help us conduct an oral needs assessment. The Holy Family members who have experience and/or interest in early childhood education, were Jennie Payne, Jeptha Greer, May Ann Bracegirlde, and Kathryn Floyd.  They were joined by Liz Ray, Director of Head Start; Jean Hollaran, Director of Department of Family and Children Services; Linda Judkins, Learning Support Specialist at Jasper Primary and Director of Saturday School; Amelia McIntyre, Family Involvement Facilitator for Pickens County Schools; and Dr. Shelia Frances, Executive Director of Pickens Family Connection . The Group met three times between April 17 and May 8 for several hours of lively discussion and brain storming. At the May 8 meeting the group summarized their discussions in the form of specific suggestions to the Education Committee.  Over the next few months the Education Committee will consider the suggestions and seek the guidance of the Vestry and Staff about which plans, if any, should be developed in detail and submitted for formal consideration.

 Dr. Kathryn Floyd


Building Cost Summary

At this time, as we move our Church into its new facility, it seems appropriate to recap how this successful conclusion came about.

The cost of our beautiful new building, excluding furnishings, is $1,944,671 including land, fees, and construction. There is now in place a permanent loan in the amount of $1,000,000.  This is a variable rate loan at ½% below prime rate with a floor of 5% and a cap of 9-1/2%.  Our current rate is 5%; however, that is expected to rise in the future.

Initially, the several bids by the contractors came in higher than budgeted; therefore, the building committee (chaired by Bob Womack for over 5 years) cut budgeted costs by about $200,000.

Throughout the 16 month construction period funds continued to flow into the building fund account.  The main sources of funds were pledged or unpledged donations and interest income of $75,000 from the operating fund.  Your Vestry felt that the congregation had sharply increased pledges for the specific purpose of being able to make payments on the loan.  Since there were no monthly payments to make during the construction phase, the vestry, as promised, simply moved the equivalent amount directly to the building fund thereby insuring the money was used as intended.

The cash flow coming in had a huge, permanent, far-reaching and positive result. This influx of cash delayed borrowing many months and, we were able to use our own funds to pay the contractor.  This resulted in significant savings on interest during construction (probably over $30,000).  Because of these savings, the building committee was able to restore the cuts made at the outset of construction.  For example, paving the entrance road and expanding the outside lighting and landscaping.  These actions were taken very carefully and prudently in the late stages of building when the possibilities of costly overruns were diminished and then only when funds were available.  It is important to note that all of these items are fully paid and will not have to be revisited in our lifetime!

Bill Durrett served as our owner’s representative in dealing with the B&R Construction Company and was ably assisted by Ev Hughes.  Bill and Ev spent many days on the site supervising and checking everything that was done.  Additionally, Bill had made all the metal braces, fixtures, copper caps on the poles, altar rails, lectern, sanctuary doors and much more.  Such craftsmanship is applauded for a job well done!

Our builder, B&R Builders maintained an agreeable attitude throughout the process applying their considerable skills and know-how to great effect. 

Our lender, Jasper Banking Company, has granted us below market terms on our loan.  They have been most agreeable to work with and have truly been our “hometown” bank.

This is an abbreviated report; however, details are readily available and will be furnished upon request to me.

 Finally, so many people, events and circumstances came together wonderfully so that any observer can readily see the hand of the LORD in this undertaking.

 Bill Seitz

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To All our Friends at Holy Family,

The Reynolds and the Carlsons are so blessed to have had your prayerful support during our recent surgeries. Your cards, notes and e-mails made us feel surrounded by your love and concern at a time that could have been very lonely. Your prayers were heard in a very positive way. Katie continues to do very well, and Ken is stronger every day.

We know the Lord shows His love toward us through the compassion and caring of others. When the Lord made His Countenance to shine upon the Reynolds and Carlsons, what beautiful smiling faces He chose. With all our hearts, we thank you.

May the Peace of the Lord be with each of you.

Ken and Marty Reynolds



2002 – 2003 Vestry

Senior Warden: Al Faircloth

Junior Warden: Andy Edwards

 Mary Ann Bracegirdle
John Lundberg
Ruben Olliff
Bill Seitz
Elaine Hallum
Jo Tyson
Bruce Jones
Bob Wheeler
David Kumnick
Peggy Woodward

Clerk of the Vestry: Joan Greer

Treasurer: Mary Porter Parish Secretary: Kathy Frankforther
Asst. Parish Secretary: Robyn Platt


Parish Areas of Responsibility

 Worship Ministry — Dr. Jerry Zeller
Altar Guild— Kay Cook
Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors— Dr. Jim Wilbur, Verger
Acolyte Minister— Joyce Dewey
Ushers— Pete Cook
Pianist— Linda Vickery/Lois Johnson
Memorials & Gifts— Laura Bond
Education MinistryAnn Burger
Outreach Ministry — Frank Nissen
Food Pantry— TBA
Buildings & Grounds — Pete Cook  & Don Wells
Memorial Garden— Joan Greer
Hospitality MinistryTBA
Newcomer Welcoming & Integration
Stewardship & Planning Ministry TBA
Finance Oversight & Budget Ministry— Don Ellis
Daughters of the King— Patricia Tyson
Newsletter Editor—Joyce Faircloth
Newsletter Publisher—Kathy Frankforther

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Episcopal Church of the Holy Family

202 Griffith Road (Cove Road at Griffith Road)

Church Office 770-893-4525

Community Ministries 770-893-3088

Fax 770-893-4567   e-mail HolyFamCh2@aol.com

Senior Warden: Al Faircloth

Junior Warden:  Andy Edwards


Rector: The Ven. Dr. Jerry Zeller

Associate Rector: The Rev. Frank F. Wilson

Verger: Dr. Jim Wilbur

Ministers: The People of Holy Family


Worship & Education Opportunities

Holy Communion every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Sunday School for all ages at 9:00 a.m.

Nursery available during Sunday School and 10:30 service

 Summer Saturday Evening Holy Eucharist & Meditation at 5:30 p.m.

 First Wednesday Folk Mass (the first Wednesday of each month) at 6:30 p.m. followed by a Pot Luck Supper

 Healing Service w/Holy Eucharist at 6:30 p.m. (the third Wednesday of each month)


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