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Episcopal Church of the Holy Family

Family Notes

Fall, 2002
Joyce Faircloth
Kathy Frankforther

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Discerning Who We Are Together
A New Beginning
Daughters of the King
Brotherhood of St. Andrew
Emergency Assistance Ministry
Gifts and Memorial Ministry
Summary of Operating Fund and Expenses
Fall Schedule for Christian Education
Recipe for a Successful Barbecue
Special Fall Dates



Discerning Who We Are Together

Following is an excerpt from a letter to the people and churches of the Diocese from our Bishop, The Right Rev. J. Neil Alexander:

Grace to you and peace in Jesus Christ!  At the 2001 Annual Council of the Diocese of Atlanta, I asked for the support of our clergy and people for a diocesan wide strategic planning process.   I believe that [now] is a good time in our common life to take some time to listen to one another, discern together the movement of the Spirit among us, and to take counsel together about those things we hope to do together in the next five to seven years in the name of Jesus.

The Bishop’s letter goes on to announce that he has recently appointed a committee to accomplish this goal – The Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee.  Of this work the Bishop continues:

The process…will take place in stages over the next year.  There will be a number of opportunities in a  variety of settings to gather information from…vestries, convocations, parishes, clergy groups, boards and commissions, and individuals to take the pulse of our diocese, talk together about our common mission and ministry, and lay the groundwork for those specific projects and undertakings we believe Christ is calling us to do in his name.

Included within this publication you will find a very brief questionnaire consisting of only four questions entitled The Diocese of Atlanta Diocesan Ministry Assessment.  We ask that as a member of the diocese you take a moment to respond to these four questions.  Don’t spend a lot of time pondering the questions.  Your initial response is probably the best, and most helpful response. 

We will gather these questionnaires during the time of The Offering on Sunday, October 6 and 13.  They may also be turned in to the office. 

The Committee at the 2002 Annual Council in Columbus will report on these responses, which represent only the first phase of this work.

Please take a moment to pray for the Episcopal Church in North Georgia and then complete this Ministry Assessment.  The quality of this very important work will only be as good as is the depth of our participation.  

Thank you.

 Father Frank Wilson

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A New Beginning

 For many of Holy Family’s parishioners, it’s a new beginning in a new church building now duly consecrated and dedicated.  It was built by the time, talents and treasure of the faithful.

For those of us, myself included, this new beginning is a time to give of our talents to work toward fulfilling the mission statement of Holy Family.

“The Episcopal Church of the Holy Family is a community of the faithful, guided by Christ, serving our community and seeking to share God’s love through worship, prayer, education, fellowship, community outreach, stewardship and compassionate ministry.”

It is an exciting time for both founding members and new members.  If we dedicate ourselves with a renewed commitment, we can and will continue to do God’s work.

I am asking all parishioners to celebrate this new day and move forward together.  We need your pledge for the coming year for Operations and the Building Fund.  We need new volunteers, especially for our Stewardship and Newcomer Integration Ministries. We can grow and fulfill this carefully through out mission statement if we        continue to pool our God given resources.

 Ask any Vestry member how you can help in any of the church ministries.   No one person can do everything, but every person can do something.

 Al Faircloth, Senior Warden


Daughters of the King

On August 25th, our Chaplain, The Reverend Frank Wilson, installed the following newly elected officers of the Joan of Arc Chapter of the Daughters of the King:

Joyce Faircloth, President
 Joan Greer, Secretary
 Mary Douglas, Treasurer
Billie Robinette, Card Chairman.

 New members installed were Carolyn Wheeler and Shelley Olliff.  Carolyn Wheeler accepted the position of UTO Chairman.

Meetings are held monthly and all women of the parish are invited to attend.  Please watch the TouchStone for time and dates.

Daughters of the King is an Order for women of the Episcopal Church.  Every Daughter pledges herself to a lifelong program of prayer, service and personal evangelism, dedicated to the extension of Christ’s kingdom and to the strengthening of the spiritual life of her parish.

Joyce Faircloth, President

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Brotherhood of St. Andrew

Holy Family is starting a chapter of Brotherhood of St. Andrew for men and older boys. We had several organizational meetings in August, but we are still in the development phase. As we build our chapter, we can structure it as we like it.

The Brotherhood is dedicated to the spread of Christ’s kingdom, especially among men and youth. We recognize this commitment faithfully be keeping our disciplines of daily prayer, regular study, and continuous service.

If you are interested in joining us, call Jim Decker (770.894.4758) or watch the church bulletins for news of future meetings and activities.

Jim Decker


Emergency Assistance Ministry

The Community Food Pantry Emergency

Assistance office at Holy Family was organized in October of 2001, in response to the need of many Pickens County families for help with rent, utilities, medication, transportation and other emergency aid.  Until recently, three volunteers have worked in the Emergency Assistance office in the trailer each weekday morning.  Counselors Brenda Farr, Jean Nissen and Mary Bracegirdle work with needy families to find solutions to their emergency situations.  Appropriate referrals are made to other agencies, healthcare, legal, or educational resources.  Funds are made available when necessary for rent, utilities, prescription drugs and other emergency needs.

Recently, five local churches have begun participating in our Emergency Assistance Ministry by sending funds and volunteers to help man our office.  After a trial period of three months, Holy Family and the five other churches will evaluate the benefits of the arrangement and decide whether to continue to participate in our ministry here at Holy Family.

 We would like to encourage other members of our church to volunteer in this most needed ministry at Holy Family.  Training and assistance will be provided.  If you are moved to help in some way with this ministry, please call Brenda Farr at 770-893-3228.

In our work with this program we have become aware of the need for transportation outside Pickens County to medical facilities.  Many people in our community do not have transportation or are unable to drive to medical facilities outside Pickens County.  M.A.T.S is a service that provides transportation in Jasper but only goes as far as Canton if Medicaid covers the patient.  But for anyone not covered by Medicaid, free transportation is not available.   We are trying to develop a list of people who would volunteer occasionally to drive patients to doctors’ appointments or tests in Canton or Atlanta. 

Several other churches in our area are asking their congregations for transportation volunteers as well, so that no one person would be called on often.

     Can you be the hands and feet (and wheels) of  Christ?

 Brenda Farr

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Gifts and Memorials Ministry

 To insure your generous gifts to Holy Family are acknowledged just as you desire on the permanent Wall of Thanksgiving, please review the  four (4) lists posted in the Parish Hall. The lists indicate the:

   Land Donors
   Building Donors
   Unrestricted Furnishings Donors
   Specified Furnishings Donors

Please make sure that …

… you are listed for each category you have contributed;

… the information regarding the gift or memorial is correct;

… and that the form and spelling of your name(s) are correct.

Once you have verified the information is acceptable, please date and initial each listing.

Should you find omissions, incomplete or incorrect information, place an “X” to the side of your name and date and call Laura Bond to inform her of your corrections.  (Be sure to leave a phone number where you can be reached if we need to contact you to verify information.

Also, if you see incorrect information posted for any inactive member(s), please write your last name and phone number beside the entry in question and contact Laura Bond.

The Gifts and Memorials Committee would like to apologize for any errors found on these lists.  With the accumulation of so much information from so many sources, errors are inevitable!

To assure that ALL gifts and memorials are appropriately acknowledged, we are depending on YOU! 

Laura Bond

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AS OF August 31, 2002






2002 YTD


2002 YTD






















Complete Statement of Income and Expenses is posted on bulletin board.

Thanks to Treasurer Mary Porter and Rebecca Thorp for doing a first class job with our finances!




To support personal spiritual growth within the parish, the Christian Education Ministry provides programs such as Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, retreats, Bible study and other small group study programs.  Some, such as Sunday school, are ongoing and invite participation for individuals of all ages. Other programs may be one-time or sequential; these usually originate from special needs and provide information and support for small groups. 

 Children’s Sunday School

Children in grades K-5 will learn about Seasons and Celebrations of the Church with Joyce Faircloth teaching in a one-room school setting, 9:30 – 10:20 a.m., Parrish Hall. For more information call Joyce Faircloth at.

 Youth Ministry

J2A -  Journey to Adulthood - is a three-tiered program of spiritual formation for grades 6 – 12.  Led by adult counselor teams, young people journey through developmental topics from “Talking and Listening to God” to “Life is All About Decisions.”  You will enjoy fun and fellowship while building a foundation of Christian principles and memories to last a lifetime. Meeting dates, times and location TBA. For more information call Shelly Olliff at.

 Adult Sunday School

Seekers Class:  Adults will enrich their spiritual walk through examination and consideration of a wide variety of topics of interest to contemporary Christians.  You can expect Bible study, practical theology, personal reflection, church history, and skills for living in this post-modern world.  A detail of the Fall schedule follows:

      Sept. 29 – Oct. 27:  Highlights from “The Gospel of John” with Phyllis Seitz leading the discussion. (exception: October 20th - Congregation wide Stewardship Program)

      Nov. 3 – 17: “Stages of Life” features a video-based study. John Claypool relates David’s journey in the Old Testament to our own journeys from childhood through the senior years.  Facilitator TBA.

      Nov. 24: A special program on the “Jerusalem 2000” appeal, which seeks support for the capital needs of the hospitals, schools and churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem.  Kathryn Floyd presents.

      Dec. 1 & 8: “Reflections on Advent”.  Facilitator to be named at a later time.

Meets Sunday mornings 9:30 – 10:20 a.m., Parish Hall. For more information call Phyllis Seitz.

Special Topics Classes for Adults

Pastoral Care for Lay Ministers provides the training needed for parishioners to assume the ministry of pastoral care.  You will learn the components of pastoral care as well as the underlying theological roots, with the goal of developing the particular skills you will need to implement this ministry. This is a shared learning and teaching experience. To get the most out of this seminar style class, you will want to complete out-of-class reading assignments and be prepared to participate in discussions and presentations. Taught by Bill Harkins. Class begins September 29 through Dec. 8, in the Parish Hall at 9:30 a.m..  Contact Bill Harkins for information:  harkinsb@ctsnet.edu.

 DOCC – Disciples of Christ in Community builds relationships while encouraging individual spiritual growth.  In each session, you will get a formal presentation on some aspect of Christian experience, followed by group discussion. Meeting for about seven weeks, with three meetings each week, this intensive program is led by Fr. Frank Wilson, Dr. Kathryn Floyd, and Dr. Mary Ann Bracegirdle. Dates and times to be arranged by the group.  For more information, call Fr. Frank Wilson, 770-893-4525.

 Inquirer’s Class, led by The Ven. Dr. Jerry Zeller, answers questions and issues related to life in the Episcopal Church.  What is the history of the Episcopalian Church? What characterizes the Church theologically? What do its members profess or affirm? What is its relationship to the worldwide church? Meets Sundays 9:30 – 10:20 a.m. beginning October 6th in the Church (south transept).

 Church-Wide Retreat

Your Inner Life: Discovery and Cultivation, is the topic for an all-day spiritual retreat for adults. Under Pat Zeller’s leadership, you will consider and reflect on “who we are” and “whose we are”. Lunch provided.  To be held Nov. 16 on the church grounds.  Call Phyllis Seitz for information.


The nursery is open for loving care on Sundays 9 – 12:30 a.m., for children of parents attending Sunday School and Worship Services.  In addition, care for infants and toddlers is often available for other church-sponsored activities.  For information call Barbara Lundberg.

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Recipe for a Successful Barbecue

 Preparation Time:

 24 weeks-        Reserve cookers

12 weeks -       Arrange for hams, slaw, and other  provisions

8 weeks -          Begin publicity in Touchstone

6 weeks-          Gather wood for cooking

4 weeks-          Distribute tickets, post work sign-up sheets.         

3 weeks-          Purchase paper supplies

2 weeks-          Post flyers for local publicity

1 week-           Confirm all food supplies and cookers.

48 hours-         Bring in 2 cookers

28 hours-         Pick up 400 pounds of ham.  Set up cookers, start fires

26 hours-         Begin cooking by 9:00 am.

24 hours to 4 hours      Tend cookers, spritzing and turning hams.

3 hours-           Cut up hams, shred meat, place in serving containers, return to Cookers.

 THEN:             CLEAN UP!

 Special Ingredients needed:

Parish cooks to lovingly tend the meat for 24 hours who enjoy smoky fellowship, and not much sleep.

Parishioners who procure supplies and provisions as donations or at discounted cost.

Parishioners who prepare and donate provisions – sauce, slaw and beans

Parishioners who prepare the Brunswick stew

Parishioners who sell tickets

Parishioners who set up the pavilion

Parishioners who man the serving lines

Parishioners with musical talent who will provide entertainment.

Parishioners who help clean up!

Combine all ingredients, stir with prayers of thanksgiving for this parish and its members, and you have the recipe for a successful barbecue!!  Share with others!


 Lots of people who come and eat

Beautiful weather

Proceeds to benefit a needed ministry.

 Barbara Ellis

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Special FALL dates you won’t want to miss….

 Wednesday, October 2, November 6, December 4, First Wednesday Folk Masses, 6:30 p.m. followed by a pot luck dinner

October 16 and November 20, Healing Service w/ Holy Eucharist at 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, October 26th TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK

Tuesday, November 12—Ordination of The Rev. Dr. Bill Harkins, St. Philips Cathedral at 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 16—Church Wide Fall Retreat

Sunday, November 17—Dedicatory Organ Concert featuring Cal Johnson (3:00 p.m.)

Community Thanksgiving service—date and time to be announced

Shared Thanksgiving service with Hope Lutheran Church—date and time to be announced

Sunday, December 8—Holy Family Christmas Party




Each harvest season we assess our stewardship in and for our parish, especially for the coming year.  We shall consider our missions in our parish, our outreach and our needs for maintenance and growth and continuing our building programs.

At the time of this writing, plans call for our emphasis of stewardship to begin on Sunday, October 20th, possibly with a program either before or after service. On Sunday, October 27th, we will consider the meaning and practice of tithing with testimonials by members of  our Holy Family.  The following Sunday, November 3rd, will be our ingathering  of stewardship pledges and celebration and giving thanks for our promises to be better stewards of our Lord's gifts to us.

"For all that is in heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O Lord.  All things come of thee, O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee".                         I Chronicles 29, 11, 14

John Lundburg

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