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    10th Annual Holy Family Barbecue

Despite the intense wind and rain of Ivan's Storm, the Holy Family Barbecue was a success thanks to Bruce Elliott, head cook, and Andy Edwards, assistant.  John Lundberg, Theo Tootle, Lee Buffalo, Miller Andress, and Al Faircloth assisted and also served as taste testers.  Don and Barbara Ellis ensured that the church had the right supplies and food.

St. Peter and St. Paul in Marietta, Bruce Elliott's former parish, generously loaned their automatic cooker, and the massive machine made the job of cooking hundreds of pounds of meat less labor and time intensive than in past years.

Because Ivan's storm forced the postponement of the annual Yard Sale, the barbecue had to be adjusted as well.  Volunteers cooked and bagged the meat and sold it, along with the Brunswick stew which many volunteers had cooked during the previous week, after the following Sunday service.

All proceeds from the sale of the barbecue will benefit Outreach Ministries.