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    Virtual Pew Card                           

 In order to supplement the ongoing ministry of our parish, please let us hear from you if you or someone you know is in need of our assistance.  We also welcome volunteers who can give of their time to help others.  Please fill in information as appropriate to your needs or concerns and press the send button to submit it to us.  THANK-YOU!


Report of Illness

Please add to our parish prayer list because:

This person is currently:

Ill at home.

In the hospital.  Name of hospital:

We will place this person on our prayer list for one month unless the request is renewed.

Other Requests

I would like to speak with one of the clergy.

I wish to report a change of address / phone / or E-Mail.  Please see contact information below.

I am looking for a church home and am interested in visiting Holy Family.  Please contact me.

I have a need or I know of someone else with a need which our parish may be able to meet.  Please contact me.

I am interested in volunteering on occasion to help those in need (e.g. by providing transportation, offering temporary relief from care giving, etc.)  Please contact me.

I would like to make a financial pledge.

Please tell me how I can become more involved in our parish.  My interests include:

I would like to know more about or become involved in the following parish programs:

The following person seems not to have a church home and might appreciate an invitation to visit our church:

City / State / Zip code

Personal Information

In order for us to respond to you, please include your information below.  Thanks!

City / State / Zip code:
Home Phone:    Work:
E-Mail Address



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