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Holy Family Choir - Easter, 2005

In October of 2002, Holy Family hired its first, full-time professional organist and Choir Director, Mrs. Pat Peterson.  Our worship is enhanced because of Pat's leadership and the dedication of the members of the choir.  An adult choir of 25 members regularly sings an anthem at the 10:30 service and supports the liturgy.  The Judy Sanger / Linda Vickery  HandBell Choir plays in worship on a monthly basis.

Our worship is enhanced by the quality rebuilt Austin organ.  The 12-rank Austin Pipe Organ, Opus 2097, was built in 1947 and rebuilt by the Quimby Pipe Organ Company in 2002.  The lovely organ was originally installed at St. John's College, a Lutheran institution that no longer exists, in Winfield, Kansas.  St. John's replaced the Austin in the 1970's and moved the Austin organ to Trinity Lutheran Church in Winfield.  Several years ago the Quimby Company obtained the organ from Trinity.  Former Holy Family musical director, Betty Henley, spent several years searching for the perfect instrument to donate in memory of her late husband Jim.  The Austin organ was installed in the new church in June of 2002 and dedicated November 17, 2002 at a recital performed by Calvert Johnson, Professor of Music and College Organist at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta.


"I am strongly persuaded that after theology there is no art that can be placed on a level with music for besides theology music is the only art capable of affording peace and joy to the heart." 

Martin Luther (foreword to the Wittenberg Gesangbuch, 1524)


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