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Altar Guild
Chairpersons: Joan Greer & Jennie Payne

The Altar Guild consists of ten experienced members who work well together in teams of two for each week's services.  Complemented by those who offer their talents in floral arranging, the guild's week-by-week attentive preparation of the altar and the elements provides a critical ministry to the whole body.

Acolyte Ministry                      More Information
Joyce Dewey

Most of the young people at Holy Family have been meaningfully engaged in worship as acolytes.  They usually work in teams of three at the 10:30 service.  Training is ongoing throughout the year under very capable direction.  The more advanced team has served at baptisms, weddings, funerals, and the ordination of a priest at the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta.

Administration Ministry
Chairperson: Ed Dewey

The Administration Ministry is the "hands-on" arm of the Vestry.  The AM effectively carries out the wishes of the Vestry, the clergy, and, through them, the spirit of the parish mission.  Convened and chaired by the rector or by the senior warden, the AM meets once each week and at other times as necessary.  The ministry not only proposes pertinent motions but also develops administrative policy for Vestry consideration.  Specifically, it executes week-to-week actions as needed.  Holy Family's current administrative staff includes the Rector, the vestry liaison (usually the Senior Warden), the Junior Warden (or Vestry buildings and grounds person), the buildings superintendent, the parish secretary, and the parish administrator.   As needed, others are assigned.

Buildings and Grounds Ministry
Pete Cook and Don Wells

The responsibility and management of this large facility is divided between two volunteer superintendents who coordinate their work.  The buildings superintendent handles all matters associated with the operation, maintenance, and improvement to the buildings, while the grounds superintendent handles all such matters associated with the campus grounds.  The Junior Warden serves as this ministry's liaison to the Vestry.

Christian Education Ministry                              More Information
Chairperson: Diane Wells

The goal of the Christian Education Ministry is to help all parishioners explore and deepen their faith and develop and use their gifts for ministry and outreach.  For youth, the Journey to Adulthood and the Rite 13 programs are in place.  For the past three summers, a very successful Vacation Bible School has served approximately thirty children between the ages of five and eleven.  One adult Sunday school class, referred to as the Seekers Class, offers a varied program coordinated by laity and taught by both laity and clergy.  The Christian Education Ministry plans to establish adult classes at times other than the traditional Sunday morning hour.

Communications Ministry
Chairperson: Barbara Lundberg

The Communication Ministry's purpose is to inform Holy Family members of parish news and activities.  To this end, the ministry manages the web site, sponsors a bi-monthly publication called "Family Notes," and invites all other ministries, as well as the rector and the senior warden, to contribute newsworthy articles.

Finance Ministry
Chairperson:  Bill Seitz

As would be expected, the Finance Ministry plays the role of steward for parish assets, income, and financial obligations.  The team nominates a qualified treasurer (approved by the Vestry), recommends budget allocations to the Vestry, prepares the annual operating budget, oversees the parish endowment program, arranges for adequate insurance coverage to safeguard assets, and provides quarterly contribution statements to parishioners.  The Finance Ministry meets monthly and currently includes a chairperson, Vestry liaison, treasurer, and three other members selected by the Finance Ministry and approved by the Vestry.

Hospitality Ministry
Chairperson: Allen Anderson

From the Sunday coffee hour to receptions and parish dinners, the Hospitality Ministry is involved in most of the social activities occurring at the church.  The ministry supports other ministries within the limits of their facilities and personnel.  This group has also established a "Casserole Patrol" that provides meals to parishioners during challenging life situations.

Lay Eucharistic and Lector Ministry
Chairperson: Dr. Jim Wilbur

Trained by the rector and the verger, the lay Eucharistic ministers and lectors perform critical roles in the worship service.  They are scheduled on a monthly basis by a faithful member of the Worship Ministry.

Music Ministry                                                         More Information
Chairperson: Pat Peterson

Holy Family is grateful to have a growing, active music ministry and a quality, rebuilt twelve-rank Austin pipe organ to augment worship.  The organ was the gift of former choir director, Betty Henley, in memory of her husband Jim.  An adult choir of about twenty-five members regularly sings an anthem at the 10:30 service and supports the liturgy.  Occasionally, the Judy Sanger/Linda Vickery bell choir also performs.  The development of a concert series is in its infancy, but it is hoped that such a series will grow to be a very positive offering to the congregation and the community.  The present Music Director, Ms. Pat Peterson, was employed in October, 2002, and, thanks to her more than thirty-five years of experience and her positive rapport with the choir, the program is steadily improving.

Newcomers Welcoming and Orientation Ministry
Chairpersons: Al Benson & Jack DeCamillis

As its name states, this ministry is dedicated to the purpose of greeting, registering, visiting, orienting, and integrating newcomers.  It regularly provides a nametag and a take-home welcome kit which includes first-contact information concerning the life and mission of Holy Family Church, as well as a special loaf of homemade bread.  This committee is small but critical, and the church sincerely hopes to enhance the welcoming process.

Outreach Ministry                                                    More Information
Jack and Martha Kerley

From its inception, the Outreach Ministry at Holy Family has been a supporter and leader in both establishing and nurturing ministries, projects, and Pickens County programs that enhance the quality of life of area residents - especially those of the poor, the needy, the disabled, and the less fortunate.  Through this ministry, the church has participated financially and personally in The Good Samaritan Health & Wellness Center, the Emergency Night Shelter of Pickens County, Pickens Launch Pad for Literacy, Ithiel & Irish Jones Prison Ministry, Pickens County Community Resource Association, and, on the grounds of Holy Family itself, the Child Advocacy Center serving Gilmer and Pickens Counties, as well as the Community Food Pantry (including its Emergency Assistance Department).  In gratitude for the exceptional blessings of talent and resource enjoyed by Holy Family parish and out of their abiding compassion and understanding of active stewardship, the very strong Outreach Ministry is dedicated to expanding the parish's involvement in community service.

Pastoral Care Ministry
Chairperson: Elaine Hallum

This ministry, among the newest at Holy Family, grew out of two back-to-back courses on lay pastoral care led by Assistant Priest, the Rev. Dr. Bill Harkins.  The team understands that its ministry must adhere to boundaries appropriate to the sensitive nature of a helping relationship and that, whereas the priest may have more spiritual training and experience for such ministry, there will be many more requests for help than clergy alone can handle.  In addition, it is just this kind of ministry that underscores the priesthood of all believers.

Stewardship Ministry
Chairperson: Tom Vickery

Together with the clergy, the members of the Stewardship Ministry are charged with helping congregants become more aware that God calls His disciples to be faithful stewards in all areas of life.  It is the ministry's conviction that the programs related to stewardship should be year round in nature, focused on the spiritual core of stewardship, and neither limited to the annual pledge campaign nor to money itself. 

Worship Ministry
Chairperson: Dr. Jim Wilbur

Working with the rector, especially with regard to special services, the Worship ministry meets monthly to plan the worship services.  The various ministries that relate to worship - such as Music, Altar Guild, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Vergers, and others - send representatives who bring ideas or plans to these monthly meetings.  The music program for the month is discussed.  If there is to be a holy day, more elaborate details are worked out.

Other Groups

Brotherhood of St. Andrew
Jim Decker

Holy Family's chapter of the Brotherhood is two years old.  Following their three disciplines of daily prayer, regular study, and continuous service, this small group of dedicated men meets twice each month for a short business meeting followed by a discussion using a Bible-based study guide of their choice.

Daughters of the King                                           More Information
Joyce Faircloth

Holy Family's St. Joan of Arc Chapter of the DOK was established several years ago.  These women individually are committed to service in many ministries of the church.  As a group, the Daughters prepare the baptism banners, furnish a special cake for the coffee hour after baptism services, offer bereaved families support in providing a reception following funerals, send out written acknowledgments of prayer requests, and participate in ongoing study.

Chairperson:  Carolyn Wheeler

The Foyers program is active at Holy Family.  About forty to fifty participants sign up in the spring and fall and, month by month throughout the season, meet together with their group of eight.  The simple fellowship of breaking bread together in one another's homes facilitates bonding within the parish family and often provides a more intimate welcome to newcomers.

Men's Wednesday Morning Breakfast

The Men's Breakfast Group has been gathering since before the congregation began worshipping on the current property.  Though attendance varies, about ten to seventeen men meet weekly for fellowship and conversation in the relaxed setting of the Carriage House Restaurant on Main Street.  The members feel free to bring up any subject and can expect supportive comments, advice, or sometimes laughter.  The Men's Breakfast is also a time of sharing joys, concerns, and sorrows with the opportunity to ask for prayers and the assistance of others.


Planning Committee
Chairperson: Steve Simmons

At this time in its growth and development, the church has many opportunities for new projects, modifications of programs, and increased utilization of facilities.  Consequently, the vestry has created the Planning Committee to ensure that all aspects of these opportunities will be considered before approval or disapproval.  By seeking input from other pertinent ministries, the Planning Committee provides the vestry with a broad view of new proposals and their impact on current and future programs and facilities.  The committee has the additional charge of providing both a three-five year plan, as well as a longer-term plan for the parish.

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